1. Prepare Yourself

When you are going to pray, prepare yourself for the pray. Now the question arises, how to pray. Follow these steps

  1. Clean yourself and Take a fresh bath, if required
  2. Wear clean cloths, and for some special pray wear a white cloth
  3. Use alcohol free fragrance
  1. Time to Pray

Times also matters. The best time considered for praying is from midnight to sunrise. However, if you are unable to utilize this time, then the following times have more importance

  1. Raining time
  2. Extreme weather condition
  3. Time before sunset

Further, anytime, when you feel guilty from inside, when you are feeling too much sadness or joy from your inner soul, it is the best time for praying

  1. Place to Pray

Try to find some calm and peaceful place for praying. The place should be noise free so that you can focus on your purpose. However, the following places are generally considered best for praying, as these brings a man closer to nature

Place where people gather for praying

Place to Pray

Place to Pray

  1. Seaside at sunset or sunrise
  2. Mountains
  3. Deserts
  4. Forests
  1. Accept your Weakness

Accept your weaknesses before your Lord. The Creator likes it most, that his person has bowed before Him, and by accepting his weaknesses or sins, he is acknowledging His powers and blessings and is away from the pride and arrogance. Bowing and Kneeling are considered best while accepting your weaknesses, so Bow and Kneel down before Almighty

  1. Determine not to repeat your sin

Accept and commit before your Creator, that you have made a mistake by not following His guidelines and not obeying Him. Make a full determination in your mind and heart not to repeat this mistake or sin again in future. (Don’t worry that what would be if you would not be able to abide by your determination. Remember, Almighty is ‏Merciful and Beneficent.

  1. Praise to Almighty

Now keeping the above points (or the maximum you can have) start praying to Almighty. While praying, not limit yourself, but pray for anything positive, and ask as much as you can ask

  1. Fill your eyes with tears

While praying, try to fill your eyes with tears. And the tears should come from one or more of the following factors

Pray with Tears

Pray with Tears

  1. Fear of Almighty
  2. Your Position in front of your creator
  3. Your helplessness before Him
  4. Your repent-ness on your misdoings
  1. Pray with surety

The last thing which is most necessary then all of above, Pray with Surety, that He Listens, and do whatever is best for His creatures. Have faith that Your prays would be fulfilled. Have belief that Lord loves you.

Last Tips – Keep praying all the time, whether you can adopt to any of the above tips or not. Keep praying at your heart at every time, and whenever, you have time, pray while adopting any or all of the above tips.


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