The relationship between a husband and wife can be one of the strongest relation, yet at the same time it is most sensitive. Therefore, it has to be based on mutual trust, love and care as well understanding. Both the husband and wife have to make that extra effort to show their love for each other. A sensible husband has to impress upon his wife to keep himself in her good books.

Husband & Wife Relation

Husband & Wife Relation

Here is a list of things a husband should do for his wife all the time in order to not only promote harmony and happiness but to show her you truly do love her.

  1. Don’t Force for Sex

Your wife is your life partner, not a sex slave. You need to control on your emotions, and do sex when your wife wishes or at least with her consent. Never force her for sex. This would increase your manly respect in her heart and she would feel you are caring to her and have control on your heart and mind.

Don't force for Sex

Don’t force for Sex

  1. Be Loyal and Truthful

Loyalty is not a word, it’s a lifestyle. Being loyal and truthful to your wife would let her feel that you really care to her and would not leave her at any cost and there would be no other woman, who can take her place. This would let her the opportunity to be open with you and start sharing with you.

Honesty & Loyalty

Always be Honest and Loyal to your Spouse. They Love It

  1. Be Open to Her – Share & Discuss
Share & Discuss  and be Open to each Other

Share & Discuss and be Open to each Other

Being open to someone special reduces your worries and tensions, and relieve you. And your life partner should be the best option for being open. This would increase trust and harmony to both of you. Once you are open to your wife, then you can share your problems and ideas with her and discuss it openly. This would not only raise your respect in her eyes but would also cause to develop the understanding between two of you.

Marriage is a gamble, let's be honest

Marriage is a gamble, let’s be honest

  1. Praise her and her work behind you

Every human (almost everyone) wish to be praised. And this wish is far stronger in Women especially in the following:

  • How she looks
  • Her new styles of dressing, hairstyles and makeup
  • The innovative / creative ways of her working
  • The efforts (far or less) she made for you either in front of you or behind you
  • The taste of her cooking
Appreciate her More

Appreciate Her More

And praising to such things especially when any of these factor is present, shouldn’t be delayed and praising to her in front of other is how she get maximum happiness from your remarks. This would appreciate her, and she would find happiness to come and go with you, prepare dishes as per your tastes and be like how you want. Also remember, praising is just like giving her respect. And respect attracts respect.

  1. Always make her realize that she is still new to you

It is a frequent complaint form wives to their husband, that they feel that their husbands has no more attraction in them as they have to do. There can be truth in many of the cases, however, it often is not due to the fact as it seems but it is due to the burden of earning money, doing households and many such like factors. And often is a game of clapping i.e. both partners have their reasons to reach at such thoughts. However, if husbands would realize their wives that they are still new to them, it would help wives to get ready for their husbands and would try to come in front of their husband in the best they can.

Special to You

Special to Spouse

  1. Three (03) Weaknesses for every wife

Any wife at any age at any corner of the world would love to the followings:

  1. Gifts of Gold/Jewelry
  2. Shopping of Cloths/Dressing
  3. Outing with Husband

Try to manage time for her, and make keep your pockets full for her, as per you budget. However, if due to certain circumstances, you can’t buy gold for her or go for heavy clothing for her, at least give her time for cheaper outing and discuss your financial problems with her to keep her satisfy

  1. Fulfil your commitments with Her

Man often forgets their commitments. However, in most of the cases it is not due to the fact that they don’t give importance but it is due to the burden of work on them. However, still it is important for husband that they should fulfill their commitments with their wife, especially the commitments for taking her somewhere for outing or give her time. If you have problems in meeting you financial commitments with her, take her in confidence and always believe she is your life partner and make her realize that anything you earn, and you have is for her and your children.

Fulfill your Commitments

Fulfill your Commitments -Give time to your Spouse

  1. Don’t try to isolate her or overburden
Don't Isolate

Don’t Isolate your Spouse

Don’t impose too her conditions on her in meeting with her relatives, friends, however you can make her feel that you have an eye on her social network. Further don’t put too much work on her, like first she goes for a job, then after job she have to look after all house holdings and along with all this also have to look after the children. If you and your partner both are jobbers, then share the household as well.

Overburdened Wife

Don’t Overburden you Wife

  1. Never yell on her with Anger

Differences and little fights are common in this relation, and many people believed, that it is due to the love both have. However this should not be grow big. For this the man should always try to keep his anger in control and never yell on her in any case. Man should always remember, that once you lose control over your temperament on your wife, you would actually start losing in practical. Till the time you have anger in your control, you have the game in your hand. Don’t let it go with your hands and be passionate to your wife, your love and indeed your life partner

  1. Remember Dates

Remembering the dates of mutual happiness is very important for her. If you remember dates like her birthday, anniversary date, engagement date, the date you first met with her …….. would let her realize that you really take care of her and haven’t forget her.

And in the last, always remember


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