Impressing your husband has always been a dream of every wife. However, often it has been seen that the women are complaining about the fact that their husband is giving no more attention to them as they used to do before their marriage. For this wives must have to look at these two factors:

  • Before marriage, women remain eager to impress him, spent hours debating what to wear to meet him either in public gathering or some dinner and simply wanted to look your best and nothing less would do.
  • Women often get caught up with juggling household responsibilities and a career and often, dressing to get their husband’s approval doesn’t really figure very high on their list of priorities.

Men simply love it when women do little things to impress them. Retaining your allure for your partner and continuing to be attractive to him isn’t only about your physical appearance. It goes beyond that and you need to be in tune with what your guy likes and try to do things that interest him. Here are some basic tips/ways to be more attractive to your husband.

  1. Maintain Yourself: Spend a little time – and money – on taking care of your appearance. Try to maintain your weight, complexion, hair and nails. Be well-dressed all the time, husband really like it. Contrary to popular belief, men do not like very skinny women. It’s good to be fit, not skinny. Try and carve out at least 20-30 minutes for a brisk walk that will rejuvenate your senses and keep you in shape. If you can’t make the time to exercise, try and maintain a healthy diet. Maintaining yourself physically also contributes to your mental health, sense of self-esteem and even to a more active sex life, which is equally important in a good marriage.
    Maintain Yourself both Physically and Physiologically

    Maintain Yourself both Physically and Physiologically


  2. Dress as your Husband like: Every husband wants his wife to look attractive and beautiful (and sometimes also wish to look simple and innocent). However, by looking attractive, it doesn’t mean that wife should dress shortly showing too much skin. Every wife should know that what her husband like and try to dress up accordingly.

    Dress as your husband likes

    Dress as your husband likes

  3. Value Money: Men like women who value money. Avoid spending too much, especially when you’re out with him. Do not look for all the expensive items on the menu just because you know you do not have to pay. And try to avoid spending money on useless or one time item. Use it on long term items, for example, rather purchasing disposable type dresses, prefer long lasting dresses. Further, if you are living in a joint family system, while purchasing for yourself, purchase for any other family member. Your Husband would love this that you not only care for him but other family members too.

    Value for Money

    Value for Money

  4. Honesty & Loyalty: Honesty and loyalty are very important qualities to most men. They want to be sure that their life partner won’t cheat on them.

    Honesty & Loyalty

    Always be Honest and Loyal to your Husband. They Love It

  5. Show Humor: Laughter, as always, keeps a relationship alive. If a woman has the ability to find humor in everyday situations and can share a few laughs with her partner, it goes a long way towards retaining the spark in a relationship and increasing her allure to her partner. Men like women they can hang out with. Some similar interests and a decent sense of humour would be good.

    Show Humor

    Show Humor to your Husband

  6. Make the first move: Don’t always wait for your husband to be romantic and initiate sex. Tease and tantalize him and make the first move every little while. Your husband may be preoccupied with earning burden for you and the family so it’s about time you took over the burden and relieve him from the tensions of the day.

    Make First Move

    Don’t Wait for your Husband to take Initiative, make yourself the first move

  7. Manage Time only for Him: A husband feels extremely special when his wife makes an effort to please him. Spend time with your husband as much as possible. Show an interest in things that fascinate him, so that he wants to share them with you and doesn’t have to feel guilty about his passions, but can enjoy them with unadulterated pleasure. Quite often, when it comes to their passions, men are little boys in big bodies. And just like kids, they have to be given a little attention and should be pandered to occasionally.
  8. Respect everyone at Home: Remember, most men want to be looked after, but at the same time they also expect you to look after their family after marriage. So, give his family equal amount of respect and keep them happy. Also remember, when a man comes back at home and finds his parents or other family members either unhappy, unsatisfied, loneliness or felling of neglect, he would give them extra time to relieve them, and be aware, that time is what you can also get, if they are happy and satisfied.
  9. Show that you care: Every single day, in some small way, show your husband just how much he means to you. Tell him you love him, when he’s sick, take care of him like a little child, pack his lunchbox, hug him often and kiss him like you can’t get enough. Knowing that and feeling like he’s the object of your affection will make him feel like a king and want to always have you as his queen.

  1. His happiness is important: When a woman indicates to her husband that his happiness is of paramount importance to her, it makes him feel very lucky to have her in his life. Having a surprise party on his birthday, cooking his favorite meals, buying him tickets to his favorite rock show, or even buying a gift for his mother (even if you don’t get along) because his happiness is what matters to you, only serves to make a woman more attractive to her husband.


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