Tips for Better, Happy and Contended Life



Here are few most powerful tips for better, happy and contended life:

  1. Be Thankful & Count Your Blessings
Count your Blessings

Count your Blessings

Life is full of surprises and ups and downs.  You shouldn’t loose yourself in time of difficulty. Whenever, if ever, you are facing hard times, start counting the blessings Almighty had on you. Just remind yourself the people you see without eyes, deaf ears, or some birth defects, or just think if your birth take place at some poor house in far village of Africa. Thinking on this would let you realize the countless blessings on you. In such time, don’t look to people who are upper to you but look to those to whom you are superior. The next step is start thanking. Thanking to everyone, Thanking to Almighty. This will help in filling your heart with contentment. And remember Gratefulness always leads to greatness

  1. Be Positive and optimist

“Optimism is a happiness magnet, if you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” [Marry Lou Retton]

Be Positive

Be Positive

Being positive person is first key to happiness and success. Positivity provides the energy, attitude, and mindset that will get you near to success. Try to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones by reminding yourself how great, wonderful, happy, and blessed you are. With this positivity, allow yourself to be optimistic. Remember, you can achieve that goal, which you have never dreamt. And for having some dreams, you must be optimistic.

  1. Believe in Yourself

The only impossible thing in this world is this word itself. After being optimistic, Believing in yourself is the next step toward success. When you believe in yourself, you trust without doubt, you act without fear and you accomplish without hesitation.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

  1. Love Yourself

Never be disappointed with yourself, and your efforts. When you start believing in yourself, you actually start loving yourself. When you love yourself you value, respect, and trust who you are, and what you are.

Love Yourself

Love yourself

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you start be proud enough on yourself to ignore others. But loving yourself is accepting your flaws, embracing your weaknesses, being yourself, and never comparing yourself to or competing with anyone else. Once you know the love, you can give love

  1. Live Lively

“A Butterfly lives only for few days, but still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment in life is indeed precious, live it fully, and live it lively.”

Live Lively

Live Life Lively

Be optimistic, and find the moments of enjoyment in every moment. Time never stops, it always keep running, either it is good for you or worse than fearest dreams. There is never any end. So don’t just try to just survive, rather Live, Live Joyfully, Live Lively.

  1. Spread Comforts/ Help to Humanity

Today Human has advanced too much and explored the depths of seas, and vastity of skies. However, he couldn’t discovered the path to its Heart. One of the blessed thing Heart have, is Comfort. And if you want to explore your heart, they only way which opens the door to your heart is helping others, helping Humanity, helping the creatures of Almighty.

Help Humanity

Help Humanity

The more comfort you would attain, the more easy, happy your life would.

(would update separate articles for tips for achieving real comforts soon)

  1. Be Unbiased

When you start biasing to any for anything, you actually start narrowing your thoughts. This would create negativity in your mind, and this negativity would not produce anything positive in your life. Biasness can be of different kind, like religious, cultural, linguistic, geographically, nationally etc. Be unbiased from all sort of biasness, it would help to boost your positivity, optimism, and contentment.

  1. Keep Spending

The more you love your money, the more miser you would be. It doesn’t mean that you spend every penny or you don’t try to earn more. But it is about spending your money. Keep spending your money on yourself especially on your family. And never forget to spend on needy. If you would look at the most richest man of the world (with white money), they spend in millions and billions every year, yet their wealth doesn’t decreases. On the contrary if you see other rich persons (due to black money), they don’t have the tendency to spend on needy, unless they have some material objective like fame etc., but still they can’t sleep without pills.

Spend on Poor

Spend on Poor

Keep spending would help you to have no / less fear of wealth loss, increase in your heartily contentment, and would allow you to sleep without pills.

  1. Pray to Almighty in Loneliness
Pray to Amighty

Pray to Almighty

About more than 80% of the world’s population believes that there is some Power who has created this whole universe. And they worship that power with different names. So in whatever faith you believe, pray to this Almighty Power in loneliness and sought His blessings. And the best time is mid-night. Bow before Almighty in your own way, accept your weaknesses as Human, embrace your faults /sins (if possible with tears in your eyes), determine for righteous deed, and seek His help and Guidance in every problem. This is the best tips for any one, from anywhere, with any problem, and believe it, you would be rewarded.

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