How to Memorize Quickly – Best Tips

While studying, it has always been a problem for many students to memorize it. Some students have very sharp memories, and the memorize very quickly, and for other students, its become a dilemma. Here we advise, that implementing the following points, would not only increase you memorizing ability but also strengthen your memory in various ways. So here goes the most simple free of cost tip for how to memorize quickly:memorizing quickly

Basic Tips for Memorizing Quickly

1.Before Start, take deep breaths (2-3 minutes) and empty your brain(the maximum you can do) from all thoughts

2.make bullets notes (say 4-5 bullets for a whole page), just to grab the topics to remember

3.Read in a loud voice (so you can hear your own voice clearly)

4.Read while walking

5. Don’t be panic for remembering 100% (i.e. ratalization)

6.Don’t study/read quite different topic without a break

7. After studying / reading, make a quick review in your brain, what you still remember, and if you remember around 70% or more, have fun, you have done well

8.During study, avoid long sessions (say 3 hours or more continuously(for students upto intermediate / A level )

9. Try to visualize the material you are reading/studying

10.Try to play memorizing games on computers / mobiles/ pads etc.

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