Feeling Down – Tips for Managing Depression

Feeling Down – Tips for Managing Depression

Tips for Depression Management

Tips for Depression Management

It happens to most of us, that one minute we sat comfortably enjoying our time and the very next moment, we suddenly got sad, disturbed and want to flip all the tables(depressed). It may be due to some bad memory, or some spiritual thoughts or some fear to future or any other reason.

Depression - The Feeling is like

then Suddenly I became sad for no reason at all

Depression Management - Not Weakness but Strength-

Depression is not a Weakness ……

But it is not something to fear, as it happens to most of us. And for your help we are going to summarize few tips and tricks for managing depression.

  1. Feel it and Become Brave

Whenever, you’re feeling down/depressed, try to feel it deeply. Deeply inside your heart and brain and try to identify its real cause, whether it is from your heart or your brain. And even if you are unable to figure the real cause of such feelings, try to guess the maximum impact of it. The bad thing which one can imagine is death. But it is also a reality everyone has to Die, so become brave at that moment and think what will happen at maximum, I will Die, so what, everyone has to go one day, so why I worry, I should enjoy the life. And I have to enjoy the life by leaving behind all my bad feelings.

  1. Try to Relax and Have some Exercise

You can overcome of your situation of feeling down by exercising the followings. Each of these would definitely relieve up to some extent depending on your cause of feeling down.

  • Just Breathe: Take a minute out of your time to just relax and take some deep breaths. Simply try deep breathing by inhaling for five to ten seconds, and exhaling in 2-3 seconds. Do this a few times and you’ll feel your mind has relaxing to some extent from the stress
  • Take a Shower: Take a shower, and if you are of some cold area, try to have a sun bath.
  • Go Outside: Nothing is more cleansing than fresh air and sunlight, and if it is the time of sunrise or sunset, it can do marvelous effects.
  • Exercise: Clear your mind and refresh your thoughts by partaking in some light exercise! Walk about, dance, or run on the spot even for a few minutes and you’ll feel better in no time. And if you are aware of some Yoga Exercises, practice it, and see how light you feel yourself.
  1. Eat Something Tasty and Drink Water/Juices

If you are about to your eating time, have a tasteful dish of your own choice, and if you are already full, then try some light but tasty dish. And add some Drink (Water, Fresh Juices) with it. Avoid soft drinks, alcohols etc.. Chances are you’ll be feeling better already. If you do this with someone close to you, it would be best.

  1. Share It
Depression Management - Sharing Secret

Sharing Secret

Everyone have at least one person who is much closed. He/she can be your friend, your loved one, your sibling or anyone. Whenever you’re feeling down, call that person and share your feelings. Even if that person is not in a position to help you out, it would release your burden of feelings to some extent.

  1. Leave The Negative People Behind
Depression Management - Let go of Negative People

Depression Management – Once you let go of negative people, Positive ones appears

It may happen, that there are surrounded by such a company who has negative people in it. Identifying such people is not difficult at all, just think critically who thinks negatively when sharing his/her thoughts or feelings in general discussions. Try to avoid such persons. Ridding yourself of such persons is not selfishness, it is a form of self-care that will make you happier in your life.

  1. Have some Journey/Adventure
Depression Management - Adventure Journey

Depression Management – Adventure Journey

If you’re feeling down is pro-longing, then try to visit some hilly area, or some river/sea side. Visit of some safe forest is also worthy. And whats about an adventurous ride (on some dangerous tracks on hills, steep hiking, or boating in an angry river? (Do this only if you have strong nerves and don’t have heart problems). And if your someone close / special to you can accompany to you, it would be amazing. During such trip, try to avoid any conflict and past issues, and forget the past and future. Just focus on the Present. It can be the best step in such situation.

  1. Keep yourself Busy
Depression Management - let it go and move on

The easiest way to let go and move on is to keep yourself busy. you will be over it in no time

Don’t let your mind astray, and wander in things which you want to leave behind. For this, the easiest way is to keep yourself busy. And keeping yourself busy is not a difficult task, if you do a work of your own interest, and you knows what the output of it would be. By focusing on the output, you can stay focus and committed to your activity.

  1. Help Someone Else
Depression Management - Helping someone else

Helping Someone else

Helping to another, never goes waste. Chances are you’re not the only one feeling down. Doing a good deed is often the quickest way to make ourselves’ smile and feel better. Sometimes, if you are feeling down due to some spiritual or moral and ethical issues, helping someone else in any way would be the best idea that would give you relieve in your depression time and would enlighten your soul.

  1. Believe in Yourself
Depression Management - I am Stronger then Depression

Depression Management – I am Stronger then Depression

The creation of Man is the best creation in all creations. So have believe in yourself, that you can do anything. There is no problem which is bigger then your powers. And man has the ability to overcome any kind of situation.

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