Examination Day Techniques

Appearing in the Exams is always _______ for students. Here are few basic tips, which would help to overcome the situation and would cause a better result. So here are few basics Examination Day Techniques:

  1. Just Relax Before Reading your Question Paper
  2. Read Question Paper and Plan (in your mind) your Answer
  3. Start from where you are strong and takes less time
  4. If anything struck, leave it and continue ahead
  5. Remember, for passing your exams 100% attempt is not necessary
  6. Between your paper, takes 2-3 minutes gaps every half an hour, relax, rethink and start again
  7. Don’t discuss your paper after exam, until your last paper is over
  8. If have time, re read and rectify, if required
  9. if you have done something wrong, cross it and resolve/reattempt it rather then cutting and over-writing
  10. if less time for making anything correct, just give the note what you have done wrong and what it should be like


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