Basic Tips for Controlling Anger

Controlling Anger -Tips to tame your Anger / Temper

Keeping your anger / temper in control can be challenging for some individuals. Controlling Anger is not a big problem by Using simple anger controlling tips.

Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion and it shouldn’t be taken as a negative aspect, unless one becomes too violent to loose control over himself. Excessive anger or short temperament can be very disruptive. The important thing is to deal it with a positive way.

Anger or Danger

Anger vs. Danger

For Controlling your anger, start by considering these 10 anger controlling tips.
  1. Think Before you Speak
  2. Once you’re calm, express your anger
  3. Get some Relaxing Exercise
    • Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm. “Breathing from your chest won’t relax you, so picture your breath coming up from your “gut.
    • Slowly repeat a calming word or phrase, such as “relax” or “take it easy.” Keep repeating it to yourself while breathing deeply.
    • Use imagery. Visualize a relaxing experience from your memory or your imagination.
    • Try non-strenuous, slow exercises. Yoga and similar activities can relax your muscles and calm you down.
  4. Take a timeout
  5. Act as Problem Solver & Identify possible solutions
  6. Better Communication. 
  7. Don’t hold a grudge. Always try to forget bad events/things once it is over.
  8. Use humor to release tension
  9. Environmental Change. Whenever you loose control of your temper, change your location and go to a public place like parks, river side, museums or place of your own like. By travelling to different locations with different environments also helps you to get command of your short temper nature and controlling your anger.
  10. Try to Understand the anger Signs. Following pictures presents some anger reasons. Once you identify your real reason, act accordingly to control over it.
Factors Leading to Anger

Basic Emotional States leading to Anger


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